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Part time player - Average Stake $0 - $30

Part time player - Average Stake $0 - $30

In Contender, you'll receive online training and access to study groups to help you progress. You're under no commitment to hit large volume levels but will play with a low average stake until you prove yourself and move up the levels. You'll receive the opportunity to represent us in live and online events on occassion and prove yourself worthy to move to our Main Stable.
Average Stake $15 - $30

Average Stake $15 - $30

In the Development Team you receive access to our online training content and study groups as well as receiving weekly 1-on-1 video or skype mentoring. We teach you how to study optimally while ensuring your fundamentals are strong and you have a solid understanding of the tools and software available to you so you are equipped to progress to the next level.
Average Stake $30 - $60

Average Stake $30 - $60

Once promoted to the Pro Team we build on these foundations with higher level coaching aimed at ensuring you can find strong edges against other regs by continuing to improve your technical understanding. You'll master concepts such as GTO and learn higher level technical study to equip you for a lifetime of success at the tables - while playing games up to the $215 level as you showcase you can earn consistently.
Average Stake $60+

Average Stake $60+

In the Elite Team, your time will be spent working on the concepts which will allow you to take edges from the top online players and spend your time frequenting the $100s and $200s. With access to our Elite coaches and the ability to purchase mentoring on your P&L we'll set you up for success, and provide you opportunities to play wider schedules for WCOOP, SCOOP as well as having the oppotunity to represent PokerWinners at bigger live competitions around the world.

A Winning Community

We only accept players who showcase the traits required to be successful so you will always be surrounded by people with a winning mentality, a strong work ethic and a determination to be the best version of themselves both on and off the tables. You are the sum of your surroundings, and if you want poker success - there's no better place!

many Deals rising to 60%

We're committed to rewarding our players with the the lions share of what they earn so your deal will rise from the 50% starting level to a 60% profit share in your favour as you progress through the training and bank winning months.

No Long-term Contract

We don't tie our players into harsh long-term contracts as we prefer to earn your loyalty throughout by adding value so you never want to leave. If you wish to leave the deal all we ask is that you earn back any deficit before parting ways or agree to pay back a small portion of your deficit from any future poker earnings.

Why PokerWinners?

We have nearly a decade of experience in the industry and we take a different approach to most stakers by putting our players circumstances first with flexible contracts, and valuing quality over quantity rather than demanding huge volume in any given month.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools, knowledge and support to thrive and we have an extremely strong record of success to help you rise to the top on the back of our expertise to help you fulfil your potential within the game and as an individual.

We build professionals and demand the highest standards to ensure success is guaranteed.

The Professional Approach

Do you know what separates the players at the top from those who haven't made it there yet? Drive, Determination, Surrounding Influences, High Standards & Work Ethic.

At PokerWinners, we understand that rising to the top is a process, a learning experience, and we're here to expedite your journey by providing you the knowledge & coaching to short-cut your progression and holding you to the highest standards at all times.

Once you change your mindset and decide you want to be one of the best, and you understand what separates the top players from those who don't make it that high you'll progress faster than you ever have before - surrounded by life's winners, those who know what they want and are going to leave no stone unturned to get there.

Personal Coaching

You'll enjoy a 1-on-1 coaching session, a full review of one of your tournaments, and two additional group study sessions every single week.

Online Video Training

Enjoy full access to our online coaching and training library enabling you to progress at your pace and make rapid progress in a short time-frame.

Efficient Learning

We'll teach you how to prioritise your study focus for maximum positive effect in any given week to turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strength in no time!

We pay you play!

Play the games you deserve to be playing without fear of a potential downswing negatively affecting your personal finances.

Network Coverage

Backing is available on all of the main poker networks including 888, Party, iPoker, Microgaming, PokerStars and WPN.

Our newer Development and Pro Team players would generally begin with access to 3 networks including Microgaming and iPoker initially, with coverage to other networks being gained as they progress through the training manual and bank profit.

It's our goal to provide our players with access to the best structure games available regardless of the network these are on, as this will aide our players to maximise their overall return and minimise the variance incurred in the process.


About PokerWinners

PokerWinners offers long-term staking to players that have a proven winning history and a hunger to be the best version of themselves they can be, combined with a training structure and progression plan to ensure success for candidates that bring the correct attitude to the table.

Our Ethos

Our players are the most important part of our business. We aim to provide a strong support platform to aide personal growth both on and off the tables while establishing an open and honest relationship with our players. We demand a high level of professionalism and seek a 20% study to play ratio from our sponsored pros.


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