Our goal is to provide you with a solid platform to build from by ensuring you have a strong understanding of the following:

> Efficient Learning Processes
> Open Ranges by Position
> Exploitative potential by Position
> 3-bet Ranges by Position
> 3-bet sizings for in position and out of position at different stack depths
> C-bet Frequencies and sizings on different flop textures
> Math's of a C-bet
> How to beat fish
> Bet sizing versus different player types

Essential Learning

The following resources are in-house videos that you should watch during your study time. Build study time into your daily routine and give it full focus. Buy yourself a study book and make notes within this book to retain the knowledge so you can refer back to it constantly and remind yourself of the best insights from each video you watched. Watch the video while taking notes. 

I'd recommend spending a minimum of 1 hour per day watching videos in the order assigned below so that you can maximise your improvement day on day session on session

Video List (Hyperlinked)

A Professional Approach [40 mins]

Taking your time to act [23 mins]


Optimal MTT Strategy against Fish  [26 mins]

Intro to Shapshove Desktop (Shove/Call & Re-jam Ranges)
 [15 mins]

Optimal Game Selection [28 mins]

UTG Suggested Open Range [6 mins]

UTG+1 Suggested Open Range [5 mins]

MP1 Suggested Open Range [5 mins]

MP2 Suggested Open Range [6 mins]

MP3 Suggested Open Range [9 mins]

CO Suggested Open Range [11 mins]

SB Suggested Open Range [15 mins]

BTN Suggested Open Range [21 mins]

Introduction to 3-betting  [21 mins]


Let's talk about 3-bets (Sikas)  [75 mins] *******NEW*******


Using the position report to identify areas for improvement [36 mins]

The Maths of a C-bet [17 mins]

Webinar 2: Intro to C-betting [120 mins]  First 40 minutes is classroom session

5 Foundations of Stealing [Steve Burt] [60 mins]

Webinar 7: Focus on Small Blind Play (Unopened Pots) [120 mins]  First 40 minutes is classroom session

Tournament Equity Explained  [24 mins] 

Webinar 1: Intro to Big Blind Defence
 [120 mins]  First 40 minutes is classroom session

Using Stack Size Report to identify areas for improvement  [30 mins] 

Reality Check Do you REALLY want to be successful [27 mins] 

Bounty Builder Strategy [27 mins]

Webinar 6: Focus on Heads Up [120 mins]  First 40 minutes is classroom session

Mental Game Concepts [Steve Burt] [26 mins]

The Bullshit of Balance [Steve Burt]  [34 mins] 

Is PokerStars for you? [Steve Burt]  [32 mins]


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