Suitable Players:

Our Elite team is reserved for those who have ambitions to be the best player they can be and a work ethic to match.

Elite Requirements:

> Full time player with over $200k of profit
> Availability to play 5-6 sessions of poker per week average with a minimum 2 hour study for every session that's played
> A serious willingness to learn & develop
> Exceptional work ethic and a consistent proven history


Player Limits

When you join our Elite Team you will be assigned one of 5 limit levels based on your current knowledge and previous profit history. There is scope to progress beyond Elite 5 limits to be regulars in highrollers on the back of your success with all additional limits for higher buy ins's being custom designed based specifically on the player in question . 



> Access to 100+ in-house training videos
> Access to Skype groups and Pro Team player community
> Access to training tools such as Piosolver and other advanced software
> E-books and Online Training programmes to improve your advanced concepts
> Purchase coaching on your P&L for external sources
> In-house webinars and strategy discussion
> Weekly player specific HEM Video analysis with set weekly goals for onward progression
> Represent PokerWinners at live events around the world

> Our Elite stable is the stable where you push the frontiers and compete at the higher levels. You'll build on your already strong technical skills with high level coaching and mentoring to fine-tune your craft and position you well for the strongest possible success. Our Elite players will be the players that receive the greatest opportunities to represent the PokerWinners team on a global level in headline events both online and live as we plot your journey to achieve your ambitions.

About PokerWinners

PokerWinners offers long-term staking to players that have a proven winning history and a hunger to be the best version of themselves they can be, combined with a training structure and progression plan to ensure success for candidates that bring the correct attitude to the table.

Our Ethos

Our players are the most important part of our business. We aim to provide a strong support platform to aide personal growth both on and off the tables while establishing an open and honest relationship with our players. We demand a high level of professionalism and seek a 20% study to play ratio from our sponsored pros.


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