Suitable Players

The Contender stable is for semi-professional / part-time players who cannot commit to larger volume in any given month but have a strong winning history and still hold a desire to grow within the game and progress to the higher levels over time.

Contender Requirements:

> Profitable Player with over $25k of past profit history
> Availability to play 3-4 sessions of poker per week average
> Willingness to study and ambition to be the best they can be

Player % Share

As a contender you will receive 50% share of any profit paid to you monthly, increasing to 55% once you have banked 5k GBP in profit. 

Player Limits

When you join PokerWinners as a Contender you will be assigned one of our 10 limit tiers from 'Contender 1' up to 'Contender 10' and be bankrolled on an increasing number of rooms as you move up through the levels. 


> Access to 100+ in-house training videos
> Access to Skype groups and player community
> Access to training tools such as Run It Once, Sharkscope, ICMIZER, Equilabs and more
> Personal Mentoring via Video analysis at least once per month
> Directed study path to build strong fundamentals and technical skills to progress to higher levels
> Represent PokerWinners at live events in the UK and around the world

If you're feel you have what it takes to become a successful player within the PokerWinners Contender stable then Apply Now


About PokerWinners

PokerWinners offers long-term staking to players that have a proven winning history and a hunger to be the best version of themselves they can be, combined with a training structure and progression plan to ensure success for candidates that bring the correct attitude to the table.

Our Ethos

Our players are the most important part of our business. We aim to provide a strong support platform to aide personal growth both on and off the tables while establishing an open and honest relationship with our players. We demand a high level of professionalism and seek a 20% study to play ratio from our sponsored pros.


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