Our goal is to provide you with strong technical skills to add to your strong fundamentals to ensure that we are best placed to not just take money from weaker players but to also be able to exploit stronger players and gain strong edges at the mid-higher levels

> Strong Flopzilla Understanding & Competency

> Expert Analytical Skills with Holdem Manager

> High level Range Analysis

> Ability to assess range weight and count combos

> GTO v Exploitative Lines

> Understanding Population tendancies and common exploits versus player types

> Post-flop lines

> Expert Heads up Strategy

> Introductory GTO Solver understanding


Essential Learning

The following resources are available to you to work through:

1. Flopzilla 100 hand example workbook 

Build this into your daily routine by reviewing 3 hands per day using Piosolver. Work through the study book then continue to assess three of your own double barrel and triple barrel hands each day until you have an intricate understanding of opponents range

2. Tournament MasterClass Video Series

This provides 20 hours of video content taking you through pre-flop to advanced post-flop and should be worked through in order. Assign at least 1 hour per day for fully focussed study to work your way through these videos while taking notes. There will be hopefully some AHA moments along the way.

3. Expert HU NLHE Expert Strategy e-book

We provide you with two e-books which are probably two of the greatest ever poker strategy books written and the precurser to the success of many of the worlds best heads up players who then went on to dominate the super highroller's and other major live events through their superior understanding of how to employ max emploitive strategies and how to react/adapt versus their opponents adaptions. This book will set you up perfectly to understand how to use GTO strategy in practice for maximum gain.

4. Poker's 1% Frequency e-book

Once you read this book you'll truly have a fully high level grasp of the maths of poker and be able to identify the many frequency errors or frequency opportunities that are afforded to us through the population as a whole not being aware of how the maths translates to how often they require folds/calls for success. This book will elevate your level of range building by teaching you an innate understanding of how the blocker potential of our hand completely alters the weight of opponents ranges and therefore our chance of success. The book works through reverse engineered hand examples from a math perspective to teach you how to construct ranges that are less exploitable. While we probably aren't advised to play as many thin spots as advocated this is a powerful book to teach us how to gain edges of opponents that are less aware - and allow us the technical understanding to over-fold less as there are less apparent cleaner edges available.

5. PioSolver

We'll then work towards PioSolving to give us a far greater understanding of appropriate bet sizes and lines from a GTO perspective as well as building up an understanding of how to apply Pio (and how not to apply it) in to your everyday poker play.

 6. Tournament Masterclass Video Series (Math based range-building)

In this training Masterclass there's 20 hours of content taking you through the full spectrum of poker taking a 1% frequency approach. This will allow you to see a perhaps different way of approaching your poker compared to the previous Masterclass video series to give you a really strong understanding of both methodologies in order than you can choose which is the best approach for you going forward, and have a far greater understanding of how opponents may be thinking at the higher levels. This approach is perhaps more synonymous with cash players who reverted to MTTs and relies on taking many thin edges so is more suitable for highrollers and other tough field events where other lower variance edges may be less apparent.


Once you master the above you'll be truly ready to step up to the higher level games and more than hold your own. You should always study to be 1 or 2 levels above your existing level so then we are working towards our upcoming progression.

About PokerWinners

PokerWinners offers long-term staking to players that have a proven winning history and a hunger to be the best version of themselves they can be, combined with a training structure and progression plan to ensure success for candidates that bring the correct attitude to the table.

Our Ethos

Our players are the most important part of our business. We aim to provide a strong support platform to aide personal growth both on and off the tables while establishing an open and honest relationship with our players. We demand a high level of professionalism and seek a 20% study to play ratio from our sponsored pros.


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